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Brother's No Ocean Waste Initiative: Inspiring Change and Cleaner Oceans


9 June 2023, Tshwane – In honour of World Ocean Day, Brother International South Africa stepped up to address the pressing issue of ocean pollution. On this special occasion, the dedicated team from Brother hit the streets of Tshwane, showcasing their ongoing commitment to a cleaner environment and a healthier ocean.

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As a socially responsible organization, Brother International South Africa proudly supported the No Ocean Waste initiative. Through their efforts, the team actively engaged in a clean-up campaign, picking up rubbish and waste along the streets of Tshwane. By taking action and raising awareness, the team aimed to inspire others to join the fight against ocean pollution and foster a global movement towards a cleaner environment and cleaner oceans.

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Ocean pollution is a critical environmental challenge that poses a significant threat to marine ecosystems and the overall health of our planet. Through this initiative, Brother International South Africa sought to highlight the importance of responsible waste management and the impact of individual actions on the well-being of our oceans.

"We firmly believe that every small action counts," said Dale de Villiers, General Manager - Sales and Marketing at Brother South Africa. "By participating in this clean-up campaign, we hope to encourage individuals, businesses, and communities to take responsibility for their waste and contribute to a sustainable future."

Brother South Africa invited the public to support this cause by sharing the news and spreading awareness through social media channels, using the hashtags #WorldOceanDay and #NoOceanWaste. Additionally, individuals and organizations were encouraged to organize their own clean-up initiatives to help combat ocean pollution in their local communities.

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