Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a corporate commitment to improving community well-being through positive contribution towards social and environmental responsibility. This commitment is embodied by Brother through our motto - at your side.

Brother strongly believes in being a responsible corporate citizen - this is reflected in our broad range of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and programs.

Management Message

Brother has a long-standing belief in respecting the environment and caring for anyone related to our company. These principles are captured in the Brother Group Global Charter, which was crafted in 1999 based on the concept of "Tomoiki" (co-existence). Through our CSR Management programs, we hope to establish a mutually beneficial relationship in which our stakeholders trust and respect us and our employees take pride in working for the company.

Brother believes that CSR should be managed just as any other business activity and should be integrated into daily business operations. To this end, we have developed various programs and partnerships to increase awareness of CSR within the company and formulated strategies and initiatives to involve everyone in the company so that they too can contribute back to society and to the environment in which we live, work and play.

At Brother, we’re committed to providing our customers with products and services of superior value that they can trust. We’re continually looking into innovative ways to recycle our products and ensure that our recycling program continues to expand and improve.

We provide our employees with an environment in which they can fulfil their aspirations and have a well-balanced work life. In doing so, we can be sure that they in turn will take care of our customers and the environment.

We recognise that CSR is a journey – to us, it’s a fulfilment of our ‘at your side’ mantra. We’re proud to undertake this journey because we know that we’re creating an organisation that our stakeholders can respect, and our employees can be proud to be a part of.

Our Team

The Brother Group Global Charter recognises that our employees are important stakeholders in our business. At Brother South Africa, we believe a healthy workforce means presence of positive feelings in our team in which they can be positive members of society, continually learn and improve, strive to achieve their goals and contribute to our success.

We commit to provide a workplace where our employees work positively, pleasantly and purposefully embodying our ‘at your side’ approach to all areas of work and life.

Leadership Development

Brother recognises the importance of having talented leaders at all levels of our organisation. We invest in the development of all our employees. Our leaders attend leadership training in the areas of Performance Management and Appraisal, Building and Leading Teams and Leadership Competencies.

We recognise strong leadership is critical to organisational success and employee engagement. Training helps to develop this critical capability and allows our talent to grow.

The Brother Group Principles of Social Responsibility

In order to respond to global demands and expectations, which increase in proportion to the growth of a company, Brother provides superior value, conserves the environment and contributes to society, through CSR management.

All employee efforts promote these activities with the highest integrity and raise trust in the Brother brand. Brother, as a global team, continues to focus on delivering management that builds trusting relationships with all stakeholders toward the future.

Brother Group's Compliance requires all employees to comply with laws, corporate ethics, company rules, and social norms.

Brother has adopted "Principles of Social Responsibility" (the "Principles") to publicly express how we fulfil our social and ethical duties.

Click here for details of Brother’s Principles of Social Responsibility

Employee Engagement

Brother is committed to providing a workplace in which our employees are respected, empowered and included in CSR management.

A key to the success of Brother’s CSR programs is that Brother does not just provide funding to help NPO partners financially, we also encourage staff to be engaged in programs. Reading or hearing about ‘social causes’ doesn’t have the same impact as getting involved in a ‘hands on way’ which can be a real ‘eye opening experience’ for our team.

Giving back to the community in an altruistic way is an important part of our mix.