Label printing in the palm of your hand

Designed for flexible use, handheld label printers can be used as a standalone labelling solution around the home or at work. Whether you need to label clothing or create labels for important work documents and folders, a handheld label printer is a versatile solution. Explore Brother’s range of handheld label makers to find a model that suits your needs.

  • Handheld Label Printers
Asset Management

Keep track of important items

Having key information quickly at hand is crucial for efficiency. Clearly labelling items in your office ensures you can locate important information and items quickly. And with a range of Brother tape cassettes available in various colours and materials for multiple applications, you have the ideal facilities and asset labelling solution for your business.

Genuine Consumables

Brother genuine tapes and labels

Brother Genuine supplies have been developed to work reliably with Brother labelling machines to provide high-quality, consistent output. For the best results, we recommend using only Brother Genuine supplies.

Labelling Apps

Mobile Apps to take your workflow mobile

Brother offers a suite of free mobile apps that work seamlessly with selected Brother label printers. Our apps support mobile printing, label creation, and the transfer of labelling templates from your smart devices.

pt label

Quality labels that go the distance in various applications

Brother office label printers are the go-to labelling solution for organisations from a range of business sectors. Businesses includes facilities management, electricians, retail outlets and healthcare. Our range of professional label printers have been designed to help you everywhere from the office to the garden.