Two models for a range of mobile printing applications

Replace manual, hand-­written documents with something more professional. Brother mobile printers can reduce processing times and costs with the ability to print on the go.

The RuggedJet Mobile Label and Receipt printers provide the ultimate solution that meets and exceeds industry expectations

RuggedJet Mobile Label and Receipt Printers Series-4-feature

RuggedJet RJ-4250WB

With a fast printing speed, compact design, rugged durability, and wireless option, the RuggedJet RJ-4250WB mobile label and receipt printer is the ideal solutions for mobile workers in a vehicle, at the warehouse, or in the field. Instantly printing up to 104mm receipts, quotes, invoices, citations and labels, this printer helps improve productivity for workers on the go.

Not available in stock in South Africa. Please enquire for pricing and orders.


RuggedJet RJ-3250WBL

The RuggedJet RJ-3250WBL mobile label and receipt printer simplifies mobility by wirelessly printing labels and receipts practically anywhere. This versatile printer is designed for thermal printing of labels, receipts, and tags from 25mm to 80mm wide to meet a broad range of vertical market applications.

RuggedJet Mobile Label and Receipt Printers Vertical-Markets-feature

Vertical Markets & Applications

The RJ series provides the ultimate solution which not only meets but exceeds industry expectations where efficiency of field professionals is paramount. The compact, ergonomic and lightweight design of the RJ series allows the printer to fit in places where space is limited, and accessories are available for in-vehicle mounting or carrying in the field.

RuggedJet Mobile Label and Receipt Printers Route-Accounting-Application

Route Accounting

Relationships between beverage, snack, bakery, and dairy distributors and the retail customers they serve are fast-paced and extremely time sensitive. We engineer compact, wireless, rugged mobile printing solutions that help you improve accuracy, deliver goods faster, reduce shrinkage, manage inventory, serve more customers in a day, reduce errors, and improve cash flow.

Applications include:

  • Price lists
  • Sales receipts
  • Customer invoices
  • Past sales histories
  • New order documents
  • Inventory labels
  • Asset and equipment labels
RuggedJet Mobile Label and Receipt Printers Retail-Application


Boost operational efficiency at checkout, on the sales floor, in the aisle, and in the warehouse by printing the labels, receipts, and tags you need when and where you need them.

Applications include:

  • Product labels and tags
  • Shelf-edge labels and tags
  • Receipts
  • Mobile POS
  • Queue-busting receipts
  • Returns labeling
  • Proof of purchase labeling
  • Invoices
  • Custom labels (paint, materials, and fabrics)
  • Online order/in-store pickup labeling
  • Inventory and price display compliance
RuggedJet Mobile Label and Receipt Printers -Applications

Public Safety

Public safety professionals require fast, reliable mobile printing solutions that keep them focused on the job, not the technology. By printing when required, RuggedJet mobile printing can reduce the risk of clerical errors enabling officers/medical staff to avoid any further unnecessary time consuming paperwork.

Applications include:

  • Accident reports
  • Summons
  • Warnings
  • Parking violations
  • Driver information exchanges
  • Receipts
  • Evidence labels
  • Office tags
RuggedJet Mobile Label and Receipt Printers Warehousing-Application


From manufacturing operations to industrial warehouses, print for a wide variety of industrial applications: high-volume label printing; one-off custom barcode solutions; light-duty stickers; super-harsh environment labels; paper invoices, tickets, and receipts; and shipping labels. Whatever your industrial need, our mobile printing options are perfect to support lean or just-in-time manufacturing practices.

Applications include:

  • Serial number labels
  • Part number labels
  • Procedural labels
  • Wire marking
  • Tool/Parts identification
  • Component labels
  • Barcode labels
  • Asset labels
  • Picking and packing labels
RuggedJet Mobile Label and Receipt Printers Field-Services-Application

Field Services

From general contracting and maintenance to pest management and utilities service, the need for mobile printing in the field or your vehicle has never been greater. Technicians out in the field are able to print whatever is required at their client’s premises without having to commute back to the office. With the ability to print important receipts and labels on site, your field service team will increase overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

Applications include:

  • Estimates
  • Service and installation instructions
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Compliance documents
  • Warning labels
  • Service date labels
  • Price quotes
  • Maintenance and repair reports