Industrial tube and label printer designed to meet the diverse needs of the cabling industry

With only one tube printer required, switch between tubes and labels printing easily without replacing or re-inserting the supplies. Print up to 60mm per second on labels and 40mm per second on tubes, PT-E800T tube printer can print crisp text up to 360dpi high resolution and cut out using the Auto Full-cut and Half-cut function.



Twin-Engine Design

Meet the first Tube (Cable ID) printers with twin engines. With only one machine, print on tubes up to Φ 6.5mm and on labels up to 36mm for applications, including warning signs and tags.

With a twin-engine mechanism, switch between tubes and labels printing without replacing or re-inserting supplies. This will lead to convenience as neither of the supplies needs to be removed during printing.

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The PT-E800T label printer

The PT-E800T industrial tube and label printer enables electricians, distribution board builders, site engineers, server installation technicians and cable installers to mark their projects easily and effectively. The robust PT-E800T prints up to 36mm wide TZe laminated labels; up to 31mm heat shrink tube; as well as direct to tube up to 6mm high, all from one compact label printer.
PT-E850 screen

Fast Print speed

Achieve high print speed of up to 60mm/sec on labels and 40mm/sec on PVC tubes.

Easy to use

Equipped with a large LCD screen for easy viewing of the content before printing.

Changeable Parts

Reduce downtime by replacing worn-out parts yourself in a few simple steps.

How many tubes can a Brother Tube Printer print using only a Li-ion battery?

Revolutionary Twin-Engine printer, Brother PT-E800 series for both tube and label printing. This machine also allows you to work whenever and wherever required with a Rechargeable Li-ion battery* installed.

*Purchase of Rechargeable Li-ion battery and battery base required

Strong adhesive label is ideal for Panel labelling

Independent laboratory tests showed that Brother’s Strong adhesive (TZe-S series) laminated tapes can adhere three times better on average to rough surfaces than Brother’s TZe standard laminated tapes. TZe laminated label can cater to electricians and network infrastructure installers who require long-lasting labels. TZe Strong adhesive laminated label can be used on smooth, rough, textured and powder coated surfaces as follows:


Db Board

Distribution boards

Labeling distribution boards ensures safety, organization, and easy identification of circuits and breakers.


Switch labeling aids in identifying circuits, enhances safety, and simplifies the operation of electrical devices.

Coated metal cabinets and panels

Labeling panels and cabinets streamlines maintenance, organizes, and improves safety in industrial and electrical systems.

Tips: How to print on Heat Shrink Tubes

Achieving optimal print results depends on the type of tube material and coating being used. It is necessary to adjust the print head settings to achieve the best possible print quality on heat shrink tubes. Brother has conducted internal testing, and the results are shown in the table below

Professional Laminated Labels

As TZe laminated labels are tested to the extreme and can withstand tough conditions, professional quality labels have been designed to last. Download (9MB) the durability test data of Brother’s TZe laminated labels.

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