Fleet Management Software for Brother Devices


Designed to provide real-time, fleet-wide management across your company’s network infrastructure, BRAdmin Professional 4 is ideal for businesses with a growing suite of printers across multiple locations. By allowing you to centrally manage your printers from one location, this simple-to-use tool will help to reduce downtime and optimise resources, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.


How does BRAdmin Professional 4 benefit my business?

Easy management Easy management of all printers and enhanced visibility with real-time updates
Fleet security Protect your fleet with secure access to printer settings and configuration
Centralised control Reduce time and manpower costs with centralised control on a single platform
Cost efficient Zero-cost printer management software. Download it for free
Improve productivity Improve productivity with enhanced automation features
Brother BRAdmin Professional 4 collects information and shows the status and activity of all networked devices through an Explorer-style window. Device information includes error status, remaining supply levels, page count, and more. BRAdmin Professional 4 allows IT Administrators to view devices in a familiar GUI, and lets them quickly track and manage their fleets.
Download BRAdmin Professional 4 (84MB)

Key Features

  • Free to download and use
  • Time-saving remote configuration
  • Monitor your fleet on one platform
  • Access latest device features
  • Update multiple devices at once
  • Reduce device downtime with automated alerts
  • Perform multiple tasks remotely
  • Monitor your fleet including non-Brother devices
  • Live updates on operating issues
  • Keep your device firmware up to date
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy Installation
  • Receive status notifications by email
  • Create instant tasks
  • Downloadable device usage logs
  • Configure passwords for individual users

Brother Support for IT Administrators
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BRAdmin Professional 4

Helps you remotely monitor and manage the status of your devices, or perform various device actions and tasks

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Image 2

Mass Deployment Tool

Helps you manage a variety of Brother device settings on multiple USB- and network-connected devices.

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Image 3

Setting Lock

Use your Brother device's Setting Lock feature to block unauthorized access to printer settings.

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Image 3

Secure Function Lock

Helps you limit excessive printing and prevent users from accessing certain printer functions.

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Image 3

Secure Print

Ensure that confidential documents do not print until the user enters a password on the printer’s control panel.

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Cloud Secure Print

Helps you protect print jobs sent over the Internet, without downloading additional drivers or apps.

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Buyers Lab GOLD 2020 Solution Report

BRAdmin Professional's user interface looks modern and provides at-a-glance data on Brother and non-Brother devices. A collapsible panel on the left-hand side of the screen lets users filter the devices on screen using on-touch, pre-programmed filters. Users can view further details on a device in a number of ways. They can double-click or click a device to see further details in a panel to the right-hand side of the screen. The right-hand panel lets users set options and perform tasks. This layout keeps the user interface neat and tidy, so users aren't hindered when performing tasks.