Brother Genuine Supplies


Brother Anti-Counterfeit Awareness

Everything you need to know about counterfeit cartridges and how to ensure you benefit from buying Brother Original products.


Why Choose Genuine Brother Ink And Toners?

Consistent Quality Printouts


Brother Genuine Supplies are manufactured to produce consistent over all image quality with clean, crisp and vibrant colors for both texts and images from first to last page.

Save Time and Money


The use of Brother Genuine Supplies gives you the confidence and assurance of low risk of damage or errors as well as longer machine lifespan. Saves you time and money from unnecessary repairs or downtimes.

Keep Your Warranty Valid


Although not all non-genuine supplies can cause damage to the machine, the use of Brother Genuine Supplies guarantees consistent print quality and validity of warranty.



Optimal Printing Performance


Brother Genuine Supplies consistently provided an over-all optimal printing performance with all pages showing the same high quality print. – Buyers Lab Independent Testing, July 2018



ISO Standard for Page Yield


Brother Genuine Supplies meets the standard page yield as per the ISO/ IEC 24711 testing method and the ISO/ IEC 24712 test pattern, therefore the page yield is guaranteed.



Durable & Tested to the Extreme


Brother’s Genuine TZe laminated labels are meticulously designed to withstand water, grease, abrasion, extreme temperature and harsh environment over time, without fading.



How To Identify Genuine Brother Ink Or Toners


Possible Implications of Using Non-Genuine Inks/ Toners


Smear & Clog


Faded Prints


Product damage


Voided Warranty


Types Of Non-genuine Ink/Toners

Compatible Ink/Toners

These compatible consumables are made by other companies and may work with machines from various manufacturers. As a result, they are not a perfect fit for Brother printers and may cause damage your machine or print in poor quality.

Counterfeit Ink/Toners

Often advertised as cheap or discounted, these are counterfeit consumables made to look like genuine Brother products. Poorly manufactured, using these supplies may result in either inferior printouts or damage to your machine.