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70 Million Brother Sewing Machines produced!

28 September 2022
Corporate News

Our home sewing machine production began in 1932 when we succeeded in mass-producing Japan’s first domestically produced shuttle hooks and started production of our first home sewing machine, the “Type 15 Model 70,” at the Tenma-Cho Factory in Nagoya City. Since then, we have continued to provide products and services all over the world as a leading manufacturer of home sewing machines.

Recently, we have delivered new value in our sewing machines including large colour LCD touch displays and the industry’s first built-in projectors that can place embroidery and practical sewing designs onto fabric.

In addition, partly due to people spending more time at home because of COVID-19, more people are enjoying sewing and there is a renewed interest in the home sewing machine as a tool that brings colour and warmth to people’s lives. We believe that this achievement of the accumulated production of 70 million units is the result of our untiring efforts in development to provide superior value to our customers, the support of our sales partners, and the patronage of our longtime customers.

Going forward, we will continue to focus on developing products that will further revitalise the home sewing machine market, deepen our ties with customers, and provide attractive products and services while being “At your side” to enable the creativity of those who enjoy sewing and other handicrafts.

Transition of home sewing machine production

• 1932 Succeeded in mass-production of home sewing machines

• 1979 TAIWAN BROTHER INDUSTRIES, LTD. began production of home sewing machines

• 1993 ZHUHAI BROTHER INDUSTRIES, CO., LTD. began production of home sewing machines

• 2005 Terminated production of home sewing machines in Japan

• 2012 BROTHER INDUSTRIES SAIGON, LTD. began production of home sewing machines

• 2018 Terminated production of home sewing machines at ZHUHAI BROTHER INDUSTRIES, CO., LTD

• 2022 Reached production of 70 million home sewing machines.

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