We have our 2021 Quilt Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered our Contest this year; to all our judges who had the arduous task of adjudicating the winners from 18 exceptional quilts; and to all the fans who cast their votes in the Fan’s Choice. We appreciate your participation and look forward to even more fantastic quilts in the 2023 Brother SA Quilt Contest!

Prize Winners 2021

First Prize 2021 Quilt

The African Queen

Diana Vandeyar, Cape Town



There is nothing more treasured and symbolic of southern Africa as the mighty protea. In the language of flowers, the protea symbolises diversity and courage. I wanted to create a contemporary, bold and graphic representation of this iconic South African emblem. I dedicate it to all present-day queens, strong, beautiful, and resilient in their everyday lives… the creators, nurturers, and warriors of the modern world.





Second Prize 2021 Quilt

Non-identical Twins

Brenda Williams, Johannesburg

My husband and I love travelling. Several years ago, we spent two weeks in Madagascar. Amidst the extreme poverty and devastation of the environment, there was so much colour in the scenery, the creatures, the birds and the people who had huge smiles for everyone. There was beauty everywhere. I was particularly inspired by the variety and the colour of the chameleons species that we encountered. This was my inspiration for this quilt.
Third Prize 2021 Quilt

Beneath an African Sky

Frances Manson, Johannesburg

Wide open spaces , the occasional acacia tree and one of our most beloved and endanger animal….that is what Africa means to me. It is sad to think that our rhinos are poached for their horns just because of a myth. I have used various techniques gained if classes taken by our wonderful South African teachers. The picture is purely from my experiences from travelling throughout the continental of Africa.
2021 Fan's Choice

Empty Railway Stations

Emmerentia Janse v Vuuren, Petrusville

My concept is empty railway stations and I was inspired by a photo I took between Carnarvon and Williston during a recent holiday.





Outstanding Performances 2021

Outstanding Performance

Into the Hills

Angela Fraser, Johannesburg

There is a lovely road that runs from Ixopo into the hills” are the opening words of Alan Paton’s “Cry the beloved country” and the inspiration for my quilt. I have been fortunate enough to spend a few wonderful holidays in the Drakensburg region and find the peace, tranquility and beauty of the area so inspiring that I created my own version of a road leading into the foot hills. I challenged myself to thread paint some of the elements and details in the quilt.
Diversity Outstanding Performance

Diversity makes us one

Elaine Barnard, Newcastle

It is the combination of our differences in Africa that shape our view of the world, our perspective and our approach. Diversity is also about recognising, respecting and valuing differences based on ethnicity, gender, age, race, religion, disability and sexual orientation. It means understanding that each individual is unique and recognising our individual differences that makes us one African nation. Diversity enhances creativity and binds us, as Africans, together.
Outstanding Performance African Boxes

African Boxes

Marié Du Toit, Melkbosstrand

A woodworking pattern was the inspiration to create this three dimensional design. How to interpret this in Shwe- Shwe fabric was a good puzzle. The sewing techniques also present a challenge with mirror image blocks.

Quilt Entries 2021

Fighting for Survival Rhino Quilt 2021

Fighting for Survival

Anne Klopper, Weltevreden Park

My quilt was inspired by a photo of a baby Rhino in Pilanesberg Game Park in North West Province. Rhinos have been hunted for hundreds of years. There is even San rock art depicting rhinos. There are only 2 female Northern Rhinos left as they have been hunted into extinction. Will this young White Rhino live to adulthood?
Kgalagadi Landscape Quilt 2021

Kgalagadi Landscape

Anne Klopper, Weltevreden Park

This art quilt is my interpretation of a Gemsbok and a Camel Thorn tree in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The Kgalagadi is on my bucket list to visit. The Oryx was inspired by a photo I took of a Gemsbok. The landscape was inspired by Joe’s Camera videos on YouTube. Gemsbok or Oryx are plentiful in the Kalahari as they don’t need much water. The most common trees in the Kgaladi are the Camel Thorn and the Shepherd’s Bush.
Night Sky Quilt 2021

Night Sky

Mariss Stevens, Huntley Street

Inspired by the spectacular African night sky in the Karoo, this quilt represents that display of stars. Shweshwe motifs are machine appliquéd onto the reverse side of a Shwe Shwe whole cloth and embellished with machine stitching and hand embroidery.
African Idioms Quilt 2021

African Idiom

Jenny Hearn, Norwood

I am fascinated by the history, wealth and creativity of vernacular craft art as well as the archeology of South Africa. I have included my Eurocentric version of diverse tribal carved – the Ibo imagery of gods, Zulu earplugs wooden platters and bowls, telephone wire bowls, patterning on Kubu cloth, the depiction of animals and the indigenous ceramics. Arranged throughout is my version of the earliest decorated artifact found in a cave in the Cape.
Sundowner Quilt 2021


Santa Ward, Zeerust

To watch the guinea fowls eating at sunset always makes you calm and full of peace while experiencing Africa at its best. I would like to give this kind of peace to everyone looking at this quilt.
01 The Guinea Fowl Quilt 2021

The Guinea Fowl

Retha de Wet, Limpopo

Growing up on a farm in Limpopo I have very fond memories of the guinea fowl calls that sounded up early morning and late afternoon to let everyone know when the sun is rising and the day is ending. I was so inspired that I decided that I will make this quilt the first of many in my quilting journey.
Shaka Zulu Quilt 2021

Shaka Zulu

Erentia Du Toit, Kingsburgh

Shaka Zulu inspired me for the theme of Africa inspired. I decided to do his shield and spear on the wild big five animals and some bead work that make Africa such a big tourism attraction. I worked with cotton and a springbok skin. Shaka Zulu only had a shield and spear and was a big name in his time.
Empty African Railway Stations Quilt 2021

Empty Railway Stations

Emmerentia Janse v Vuuren, Petrusville

My concept is empty railway stations and I was inspired by a photo I took between Carnarvon and Williston during a recent holiday.
The Joy of the Dance Quilt 2021

The Joy of the Dance

Julie Bolze, Queenstown

Our family have spent many holidays at Morgan Bay in the Eastern Cape. Crossing the ‘pont’ at Kei Mouth and exploring the Transkei has always been a highlight. The area is steeped in wonderful traditions, music, dance and history of the local Xhosa people. This quilt depicts two Xhosa women in their traditional outfits dancing at the river, with the rolling hills which are so prominent in the area, in the background.
A Strong Mother Quilt 2021

A Strong Mother

Andrea Smith, Port Elizabeth

Inspiration for this piece is derived mainly from all mothers of humanity, the animal kingdom and their connection and relationship to the universe and mother nature. Mother Nature is the epitome of giving. She gives abundantly, overflowing with care, love, and nurture. The unity that a motherly figure brings, is interpreted through the triangular shapes used throughout the whole piece. Triangles symbolize strength. It is known to be the shape of mind, body, and spirit, representing balance and true wisdom as well as a strong foundation and stability – the definition of a mother.
Radiant Africa Quilt 2021

Radiant Africa

Thelma Labuschagne, Limpopo

When I think of AFRICA, I see radiant colors and all the splendor that is so well known of her landscapes. Sunflowers, Protea’s, wildlife, the African sun, Guinea fowls and her beautiful Baobab trees. So much more to name, but so small canvas to work on. So I painted what I envision in my spirit and quilt it. This is my first quilt ever and I made it on an old Elna Contessa 310, freehand without a foot.
02 Christmas Wreath

No Christmas like an African Christmas

Ronel Botha, Boksburg

I have loved sewing all my life. I taught myself as far as I could, but never had real guidance. I bought my first sewing machine at a pawn shop many years ago and has been saving ever since… until I could gift myself a Brother. With the guidance of my dealer and mentor – Hester from DecoDesigns – I bought my first Brother!!! I then attended her sewing workshops and took an interest in quilting. I absolutely love it. I decided to enrol my very first quilt, made with my very first Brother, into the Brother Quilting contest. An early Christmas gift from me to me, to celebrate Christmas. I incorporated the traditional Christmas colours with traditional shwe-shwe materials and colours – There is no Christmas like an African Christmas.