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Brother strongly believes in being a responsible corporate citizen, and this is reflected in our broad range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and programs. The sections below provide a detailed look at Brother’s CSR initiatives.

CSR Projects
Mandela Day

Judea Hope Feeding Scheme

Brother South Africa partnered with the Judea Hope Organization to pack highly nutritious, dehydrated meals as the company’s team initiative for 67 Minutes for Mandela on 18 July, resulting in 19,960 meals for distribution to feeding programs and day care centers in the region.

Olievenhoutbosch Christian School

Brother South Africa partners with the Olievenhoutbosch Christian School situated in the Olievenhoutbosch Township north of Johannesburg to improve and upgrade not only the bricks and mortar but the standard of schooling provided to the 172 local children enrolled.

Brother Outreach

Badirammogo Old Age Home

Brother spent some time at the Badirammogo Old Age Foundation in March to plant 1600 vegetable seedlings and trees – now each member of the home will have their own veggie garden to look after. Small garden spades and rakes were also donated to help maintain the gardens.

Latest News

Recent News

The Brother Group focuses on “building up trust from stakeholders” described in the Brother Group Global Charter, the foundation for Brother’s global business activities, as an important issue in CSR management and is addressing it as one.

Our Customers and Associates


The Brother Group places the customers first, everwhere, every time, demonstrating its motto: “At your side”. By quickly and consistently providing superior value, the Brother Group builds strong, long-lasting relationships with customers, gaining their loyalty.

Our Associates

Our associates are positive members of society, that share the company’s valuse, continually learn and improve, maximize their capabilities, strive to achieve their goals and untimately, contribute to our success. The Brother gruop respects diversity and provides a working enviroment that enables our associates to utilize their talents and abilities to the fullest.

Employee Engagement

Employees are important stakeholders to Brother. We are building Brother as a company in which our employees take pride. Communication between management and employees is important to the company, as Brother recognises that communication is an important driver of employee engagement.

In promoting constructive dialogue between management and employees, our quarterly communication session is a channel for sharing company information with employees and also for them to raise concerns through open discussion with management.

Brother is committed to providing a workplace in which our employees are respected and in which they take pride.

Leadership Development

Brother recognises the importance of having talented leaders at all levels of our organisation. We invest in the development of all our employees. Our leaders attend leadership training in the areas of Performance Management and Appraisal, Building and Leading Teams and Leadership Competencies.

We recognise strong leadership is critical to organisational success and employee engagement. Training helps to develop this critical capability and allows our talent to grow.

At Brother, we know that behind our success, it’s our people who make the difference.

Brother Group CSR Policies
Corporate Social Responsibility

Fair working conditions

In recognition of the importance of providing fair working conditions, the Brother Group respects people and recognizes fundamental human rights and expects people working and employed by the Brother Group (“Associates”) to act in the same way.

Health & Safety

The Brother Group will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our Associates.

Ethical and respectable business practices  

The Brother Group will act with the highest integrity and ethics in all aspects of our activities.


The Environment


In order to help society to achieve sustainable development, the Brother Group shall adopt its environmental protection policy and strive to reduce the impact of our business on the environment in all aspects of our activities and at every stage of a product’s lifecycle, from design, development, manufacturing, customer usage, and disposal, to reuse and recycling.


The Brother Group will obtain any environmental permits and licenses required and comply with all applicable international and domestic environmental laws and regulations including restrictions on the use of certain substances.


For more detail on the Brother Group CSR policies and programmes please click here to visit the Brother Group Global CSR web page.


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