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Brother Earth describes our positive attitude and commitment to our communities and our planet. Our goal is to play our part to help build a society where sustainable development can be achieved by continuously considering the environmental impact of all aspects of our business operations.

The slogan from Brother Earth, working with you for a better environment, signifies a sense of responsibility to protect our global environment, and also the desire to consider environmental issues and take action together with all stakeholders.

Brother South Africa team visit Groenkloof Nature Reserve in Tswane to help eradicate the foreign vegetation

Brother South Africa has made a commitment to sustainability, as defined in the Brother Group Global Charter. Through its Corporate Social Responsibility programs, Brother helps society achieve sustainable development, by positively and continuously considering the environmental impact of all aspects of business operations. Concern for the environment shall be the cornerstone of all operations. Safety and environmental impact shall be prime considerations at every stage of a product’s lifecycle, from design, development, manufacturing, customer usage, and disposal, to reuse and recycling.

Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Development
Brother Earth Activities
Sustainable Development

This contribution to the global community demonstrates that Brother is working with you. We will make use of your one-click donation for worldwide environmental conservation.

A Better Environment

Brother Earth – working with you for a better environment. Our wish to the world is sealed in this message.

Sustainable Development

These are stories about our advanced environmental technologies and our continued efforts at improving our manufacturing process.

Sustainable Development

Here you will discover more real, in-depth views on Brother’s environmental conservation activities, with video’s taken on location.

Sustainable Development

The various types of environmental technologies and energy saving features for Brother’s products are explained in this section.

Sustainable Development

Here you will find Brother group’s products and our efforts for protecting the environment worldwide.

Sustainable Development

The Brother Group established the 5R concept, which lays the foundation and sets the guidelines for active participation in global efforts. Brother International South Africa is guided by these environmental policies, and we have adopted the 5R concept as a basis for our own environmental activities:

  1. REDUCE waste material by recycling
  2. REUSE products and waste material
  3. REFUSE to buy environmentally unfriendly products
  4. REFORM materials and use again
  5. RECYCLE rather than scrap​

Protectors of the Earth
Sustainable Development

Brother’s Green Purchasing Policy

Brother promotes activities that are environmentally friendly. Such practices include purchasing products using a recommended product list, which includes items ranging from toilet paper to company vehicles.

Going Green!

Everyone can make a conscious effort to make our environment a better place. Brother South Africa is also doing its part to contribute to going green!

We are proud to be involved in initiatives that encourage recycling in support of environment conservation.

Environmental Protection

Our printers and MFCs have adopted a printing system that reduces consumables wastage. This printing system ensures that users no longer have to throw away a drum or inkjet printheads every time the toner or ink cartridge has been depleted.

Toners and ink cartridges may now be replaced separately. Additionally, all our models have a draft print mode to reduce the amount of toner or ink required for standard prints.

Energy Star Approval

Only four Japanese and six international manufacturing facilities, including that of Brother’s, have been accredited with the strict ISO 14001 conservation standards for the environment.

Recycling for the Environment

Brother (Japan) established a recycling centre in Japan in 1998. This centre is capable of disassembling, separating, classifying, recovering and then recycling waste products. Items that are recycled include waste plastics, substrates and motors.

TCO99 Accreditation

Brother is the only printer manufacturer with TCO99 certification. TCO99 is an exacting standard governing product safety, ergonomics, handling and physical design, working environment emissions, total environmental management strategy, manufacturing processes, ecology and the operator’s manual.

Energy Star Approval

Our Laser Printers, Multi-Function Centres (MFCs) and Faxes comply with the International Energy Star Program. As a long-time Energy Star partner, all Brother Group companies worldwide have strong social and environmental responsibilities to contribute to a cleaner planet.

ISO Accreditation

Brother consumables are manufactured to exacting, environmentally friendly specifications. Brother worldwide is committed to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and through these controls we ensure that quality and reliability are built into every consumable and machine we manufacture.

Furthermore, everything we manufacture is produced to worldwide health and safety standards.

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